We have a similar situation, We created few apps using copy app utility. I find this design unfortunate because there are going to be slight differences between how Java drivers and the DataDirect drivers work for non trivial connections. One thing to realize is HFM is still only partially Java based. As much of my job revolves around issue resolution, I see an opportunity to supplement the typical troubleshooting avenues such as the Oracle Knowledgebase and Oracle Forums with more pinpointed information about specific errors as they are encountered. Apart from the library path, for certain database types you must set additional environment variables on the engine tier computer. Examples of connection information include server location, database name, logon ID, password, and various ODBC driver options that describe how to connect to the data source.

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Could you please let me know if you found a way to get around this?

Hyperion Error of the Day: Troubleshooting HFM on Windows

I am having same issue while trying open Hfm app from workspace. Tejaswini B November 25, at Configuring access to Sybase databases To configure access to Sybase databases, you set environment variables on the engine tier computer and specify database information in the odcb file.

From this log it is evident that each HFM application creates a new datasource.

Unfortunately, getting lost and unable to solve problems can lead to downtime and project delays. Right click the target database, click “Load data The values that are specified for the library path and path environment variables at the project or job level are gyperion to the existing system values for these variables.


Swetha Mukka February 11, at For more information, see the Oracle product documentation. The system was unable to find the Datasource process for application. These low level functions are wrapped into this Java framework to make it look seamless. In this case, you must set the library path to point to the libraries that have the bit level that matches the bit level of the engine tier installation.

Suspicious Activity Detected

Need to configure the ODBC driver before the data load and export. Configuring access to Netezza databases To configure access to Netezza databases, you must install and configure the Netezza ODBC driver and create the data source.

Switch to Security Tab, input the User Name here. The Oracle documentation tells us we can find the file in the following location:.

Suhas Londhe August 1, at User data sources hypetion be used only by the current user and are visible only to that user. I find this design unfortunate because there are going to be slight differences between how Java drivers and the DataDirect drivers work for non trivial connections. Thanks for the kind words. The datasource process is launched after creating the application, or on the fly as the application is accessed.


Roll down to the [Oracle Wire Protocol] part.

Hyperion Installations and Implementations: Create ODBC for Essbase in Linux – Oracle Wire Protocal

Or you can place the file data source on a single server, share it between many computers on the network, and easily maintain the connection information in one location. We can export Essbase data to relational oxbc with the following command. And then click “Test Connect” for testing.

This info is entered during hyperioj tool, and automatically added to the tnsnames. It may need to change the settings for the flat file source.

The one we care about, is the Oracle Wire Protocol data source. The connector uses this file to obtain information about the available JDBC drivers in your system. If you find it hard, you can execute the following command to find the file for htperion Oracle port number SID: Specifically, I wanted to focus on Windows because I have covered Linux in previous posts.

They appear as Windows services.

Would it have anything to do with AppCopy utility? Then you need to specify one of the version to load the data. Click “OK” to continue.