E-mail Destination User Tools System Settings E-mail Destination Register e-mail destinations so you do not need to enter an e-mail address every time, and can send scan files from scanner or fax function by e- mail. The copying screen is displayed as default after power on. For details about operations, see p. The top page appears on the Web browser. Be sure to read these instructions, all of which are in- cluded in the Safety Information section in the General Settings Guide.

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Internal tray 2 1 bin tray If you select this as the output tray, copies are delivered prinher down. In accordance with IECthis machine uses the following symbols for the main power switch: G G G G While pressing the release lever, adjust the side guides to the new paper size.

Savin DSm622 Printer User Manual

The On indicator goes out. When using an unregistered user name in the Address Book A To enter an unregistered user name, press [Non-programmed Name].

There are two types of protocol you can use: Screen contrast knob Adjusts display panel brightness. Hold the green lever while gently pull- ing out the cartridge. Important Contents of this manual are subject to change without prior notice. Downloading to your computer – You can also download the user manual Ricoh Aficio DSm to your computer and keep it in your files. The Bluetooth Trademarks Prjnter of the content on the page No.



B Enter the user name or key dis- play, and then press [OK]. Shop by printer Browse products compatible with You want to check print quality be- fore making a large print run.

Operating Environment And Notes Security Operating Environment and Notes Security for this machine is assured on the premises that the machine is used un- der the following conditions: Change Order Changes the order of registered users destinations. Only files beginning with the name entered appear in the Select Files to Print display.

D Adding Toner When D appears, it is time to add toner. The copying screen is displayed as default after power on. Remove the black cap.

Page 81 To ds6m22 the user name and key display A Press [Change] on the right of the user name or key display. Open the front cover of the machine. The machine status after the Auto Off operation is referred to as “Off mode”, or “Sleep mode”.

Destination List You can print the destination list registered in the Address Book. C Press [Change] under Path.


Remove Paper Indicator The indicator lights when paper is deliv- ered to the internal tray 2 1 bin tray. The user name or key display entry display appears. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if instructions are not followed, could result in death or serious injury.

Registering a Protection Code You can stop sender’s names or fold- ers being accessed by setting a protec- tion code.

Tray 4 Paper Type: B Enter the port number using the number keys, and then press [ ]. Open the side cover.

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USA Other product names used herein are for identification purposes only and might be trademarks of their respective companies. Control Panel Control Panel Prniter illustration shows the control panel of a machine that has all options fully installed.

Displaying Destinations Registered in Groups You can check the user destination of prinnter group. Contact your service representative if you need to change the paper size. C To specify an additional Re- ceiving Station, press [Add].