It is here that piezo actuators really shine. And the LEGS and similar Inchworm actuator allows relatively quick, high force, and high resolution motion. Without gears it can move back and forth 1. These systems are effectively high speed vector graphic like line drawing systems, resulting in a number of interesting algorithmic challenges. Everything runs on smoke, let the smoke out, it stops running The mirror has both mass and surface area.

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Simple DIY Galvo

There are some laser creation tools specified for vector graphics, but they are too expensive for hobby use or temporary project, so Gslvo developed a simple vector tracing tool.

The viewer is invited to consider the importance of measurement to civilization, most notably those fundamental measurements of length, mass, and time. Most home-built scanners ware made of speaker without any feedback.

The laser equipments working in the laser light show are called Laser Projector. Thats just a start but, in principle fairly straightforward depending on any incongruenices with the overall systems approach…. He-Ne laser had been used in early days, multi-colored mixed gas laser is currently used for high end laser projector and solid state laser is one of the brand-new talvo device that has been recently used.

Siy this project, I chose only an X-Y scanner and aimed to project exact laser graphics and animations as a goal. The X-Y scanner is the most generic component which can control the beam vector at will.

The moving coil is replaced with high rigidly solid rotor, such as moving magnet and moving iron, and the armature coil is moved to stator to increase heat radiation. With my background with microcontrollers I was thinking I could producing the correct x and y voltage to position the mirrors of an inexpensive closed loop galvo, but the size of the cheap ones is a shame.


I believe that’s how the resonant scanners work on confocals, the noise can be an issue though. Left small ringings can be removed with HFD trimmer-pot for high frequency 2nd poll compensation. Most of these have niche scientific, industrial or artistic applications.

Lasers aren’t a cheap dyi, specifically laser shows. In this system, there is hardly any friction nor static torque so that it seems there is no problem for positioning accuracy even if without the I-control.

galvanometer | Hackaday

However the closed-loop control requires cost of position detector, servo amplifier and related. Most general purpose DPSS laser modules will be diu controlled to stable operation.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The beam switcher is a mechanism that feeds a laser beam to the selected effector, and the effector interrupts a laser beam with any optical filter.

Electrostatic forces are orders or magnitude smaller that magnetic ones. Such is the case for this little laser light showhoused in electrical boxes from the local home center and built with stuff you probably have in your junk bin. The open-loop galvo’s shaft is held with halvo torsion-rod spring, the rotor moves to a position where balancing between generated torque of the rotor and restoring torque of the torsion-rod spring. When apply a square wave for Y-axis and a saw wave for X-axis, the step response of Y-axis will be projected.

Home Built Laser Projector

Currently the PD circuit is a little affected by power amplifier, it may be better to move it on the galvo like existing galvos. Hard drive linear motor? Sum of the rectified currents becomes difference between them, any factor affects accuracy can be canceled and it can be detected stably.


These often require sub-nanometer accuracy less than th of th of 1 millimeter in order to visualize individual atoms. At these scales electromagnetic coils would be too large and specific power power per unit volume is more important than the magnitude of the overall force.

ELM – Home Built Laser Projector

Before clean electrical amplification became gallvo, this was the best means of measuring tiny differences gxlvo current. Building Galvanometer Scanners I had looked for existing project on building closed-loop galvos, however I could not find such project on the web. To have a decent marking area you need quite a long focus lens, a mm lens gives about mm x mm, the beam expander collimator makes the input beam to the focus lens bigger, and hence smaller when its focused, the bigger the expanded beam the smaller the engraving spot, but you need bigger mirrors to cope.

This is a simple and ordinary op-amp circuit, there is nothing difficult. I used four speakers around it in a box to pull around a second lens riy targeting. Notify me of new comments via email. Joined Feb 29, Messages 2, Likes 58 Points 0.

With two of them, a laser beam may be steered in X and Y to form patterns.

Not if you have proper ventilation and clean the mirrors regularly.